The Graveyard Book Response

Today in Literature Circles, we talked about chapters 4 through 5 of the Graveyard Book.

The first thing we talked about how the author made Bod age really fast throughout the book, as he was a toddler in the first chapter and 10 on chapter 5. I concluded that this was due to the author, Neil Gaiman,  being unable to incorporate his entire life into the book and that he only included major parts of his life.

The second thing we talked about was about how Abanezer reminded us of Ebenezer Scrooge from the Christmas Carol movie. This was due to their similarity of greed for money and power, plus misunderstandings of Bod, who has the card of the man Jack, a murderer.

The third thing we talked about was Jack’s card that could supposedly summon him to the location of the card if burned. Then I wondered why they couldn’t just toss the card into a hazardous environment where Jack would die if he appeared at the location. It brought up the questions “is it ok to murder someone under any circumstance?” and “is there a point where murder is ok?”


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