Of Mice and Men Chapter 1- Lit Circles’

I think our literature circle groups should stay as they are, run by the students in small groups. This allows everyone’s voice to be heard since their are few people while also controlling the topics in the book that you want to talk about, instead of the teacher controlling the conversation. I believe that the students making their own topics is more effective, however I understand that if the teacher is not there, it can lead to off-topic conversations, which is a risk in that situation. In my opinion, this is the biggest problem with student lead literature circles.

In our Literature circle groups, the first thing I would like to discuss is the relationship between Lennie and George. It seems as if they are opposites of each other. One is smart, but lacks physical ability (George), while the other, Lennie, has physical ability but lacks mental power. The second thing I would like to discuss is predictions. For example: when George told Lennie to meet at the river if they got in to trouble, it suggested that they were join in trouble.


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